Monday, October 27, 2008

Sync Windows Mobile with multiple Exchange servers

It's been a long time since I updated my blog. My new job keeps me busy I guess.

I needed to sync my Windows Mobile smartphone to the Exchange server of my employer and the server of the customer I work for. WM cannot sync to multiple Exchange servers out of the box. Also, I didn't like the security settings that came with the ActiveSync connection to one of the Outlook WebAccess servers. Also I did not want to sync my personal appointments to either server.

I've found a very nice tool that would run on your smartphone and sync to the OWA server: Chronobis. This tool gets the calendar and contact information from your OWA server and syncs your phone, either one way or bi-directional.

Chronobis only supports one Exchange server so I needed to find a way to sync my Outlook calendar to the phone. As I'm running Outlook in a virtual machine I was not able to use ActiveSync and a cable.

For now I sync Outlook with a seperate Google Calendar using Google Calendar Sync. Then I use ActiveGCSync to sync my phone with Google Calendar. This works but of course my PC needs to be on to do the syncronisation between Google Calendar and Outlook.

If this all sounds to complicated, you might take a look at They give the option to sync multiple sources. For me that was not an option as one of the OWA servers is not publicly available.

Until my next post: goodbye!

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