Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ikea hack: monitor shelve

Ikea hacking is all the rage these days. When you can't find exactly what you want the price of their products allows you to hack it into exactly what you need without feeling guilty about it. My solution is not so much a hack but more an insight into using the product for some other purpose.

My desk at home was a real mess, you'll just have to trust me: I did not take a before picture. I realised most of the trouble would be solved if I would make a shelve on which I could put my monitor. All the loose routers and other devices would slide right under. And if I did not use my Electribe it could slide under as well...

Walking through the Ikea I realized they did not have the product I was looking for. Then I noticed a display for the Effectiv filing cabinets, and there was this perfect base with ajustable legs.

So I brought it home, assembled it (no missing pieces, yihaa!) and started to clean up my desk. Here's the result: