Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Charge USB devices in your car

I've switched to USB chargers for all my gadgets. Even if it didn't come with a USB cable as standard I've either bought a suitable cable or in some cases created my own. For devices that use 5V at less then 500 mA that is easy. Just cut and strip a USB cable and connect the positive lead of your cable to the positive lead of the USB cable (usually green). Do the same for the negative lead.

Now, how do you charge all the devices in your car? You can get car cigarette power to USB converters. But they usually have only one connection. This is how I fixed that.

1. Get a suitable case and a 4 port USB hub that is bus powered.
2. Place the USB hub in the case and make a hole to pass the cables through. (Left)
3. Connect the USB adapter, USB hub and your USB cables.
4. Get a car cigarette extension cord an connect the USB adapter. (Center)
5. Close the case and place it in a convenient location, like under a chair. (Right)

Now I noticed some things I need to solve. When all cables are connected I'm pulling to much current from the USB adapter and it tends to run hot. Also some devices appear to be charging but are in fact not.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pandora is dead, long live Deezer

Pandora is not dead but to me it might as well be, it's no longer available outside the US. You could use these tricks to get it going but it's to much pain for me.

Now I've discovered Deezer and I like what I see. It is not as intuitive as Pandora yet but it has some nice features. I can for instance share music I like in a simple player like this:

free music

That's Boards of Canada by the way.